Talks & Workshops

Sam is widely sought after as a public speaker, workshop provider and consultant. He has worked with school districts, colleges and universities, museums, historical associations, and parent groups, as well as consulting with leading tech companies on issues of digital literacy.

"Sam is a fantastic storyteller who weaves captivating tales that illustrate the most important lessons of our time. Guests lingered long after closing to have a few minutes with Sam. His engaging and erudite manner is captivating."
-Robin Chapel, History Department Head, Avenues School, Silicon Valley

"If we want young people to become smart consumers of information and actively engaged citizens, Sam’s resources and trainings are essential for every K-12 classroom teacher."
- Michelle M. Herczog, Ed.D, past president, National Council for the Social Studies

"There is perhaps nothing more important in education right now than helping students navigate the information landscape, and no one is doing more important work on this front than Sam Wineburg."
- Jeff Lippman, Head of School, Avenues School, Silicon Valley

"After any session Sam leads, our inboxes are filled with requests to bring him back! His ability to communicate about important trends in education in a compelling way that everyone can understand is unmatched."
- Shanti Elangovan, CEO & Founder inquirED

“Sam Wineburg’s published work and advice on today’s critical task of finding reliable information has been invaluable to Microsoft’s education product team. His discussion of how experts use lateral reading can be picked up and used by students and adults of any age.”
- Mike Tholfsen, Microsoft Education

A small sample of the groups Sam has worked with over the past few years:

"Sam’s talks were superb and thought-provoking for faculty members and students alike. He comes alive on stage, combining humor and penetrating analysis for captivating lectures."
- Professor Fritz Fischer, Chair, History Department, University of Northern Colorado

"Sam’s sessions for faculty and graduate students were a highlight of...our year. Faculty continue to refer to the ideas shared in the presentation as they design and redesign new courses. These talks were also delivered remotely, during the early days of the pandemic. Even remotely, Sam was accessible and engaging."
-Linda Adler-Kassner, Associate Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning and Professor, Writing Studie, University of California Santa Barbara

"Zoom presentations are often deadly, but Sam managed to fully engage the audience. Teachers left the session with new tools for helping their students navigate our information-rich world." - Martha Kohl, Montana Historical Society

"Sam’s research and writing on historical thinking has had a profound impact on me as a historian and as a teacher. Teaching students the skills of a historian makes them better critical thinkers, better consumers, and ultimately, better citizens in our democratic society.”
-Matt Elms, teacher, Singapore American School and National History Day International Co-Coordinator

Titles from Recent Talks & Workshops

Digital Literacy

  • Reading Less and Learning More: Strategies for Making Thoughtful Online Decisions
  • What is it about the Internet that Spins Smart People Around in Circles?
  • Integrating Digital Literacy Into Core School Subjects
  • Why the Media Literacy We’re Teaching is Not the Media Literacy We Need

Historical Thinking

  • Reading Like a Historian: What is it? How to Teach It?
  • Why Historical Thinking is Not About History
  • Turning the History Classroom into a Place of Thinking
  • Inverting Bloom’s Taxonomy: What’s ‘Basic’ When Reading History?
  • Disciplinary Literacy: What is It and Why Is it Important?
  • How to Use Formative Assessments in the History Classroom

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